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LA Drive is an autonomous mobility cluster established by the municipality of Landskrona. The vision is to create an autonomous mobility ecosystem that will contribute to the development of safer and more sustainable mobility of people and freight in the future.   

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Social and economic change is forcing governments to rethink their approach to mobility. Increased urbanization and the growth of megacities will place extreme pressures on existing infrastructure to cope with passenger and goods mobility. Moreover, the need to reduce carbon emissions is driving cleaner technologies to power vehicles. The future of autonomous mobility covers all modes of existing transport and will create new ones. 

Drones will transform the logistical and supply chain industry by transporting heavy cargoes from previously inaccessible destinations. 
Driverless trains will expand from monorails into heavy freight operations. 

Autonomous vehicles will reduce traffic accidents, as Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities increase to manage traffic flows on our roads. Passenger air taxis are already in development to enable fast travel without carbon emissions. 

As we look ahead to the 2030s, we can see autonomous mobility playing an integral role in how we live, work, and spend our free time. 

Autonomous mobility trials, conducted in real-world conditions, are taking place around the world. Competition to be first to market is stiff. However, by leveraging the power of the shared value business models, technology ecosystems congregated in a ‘hub’ will speed up the pace of innovation. Partners and members can come together to deliver a shared vision, boosting economies, delivering jobs, and making change happen for the better.


Collaborations between academia and manufacturing sectors will create research projects that provide the evidence required for new technologies to satisfy regulatory demands. Knowledge sharing between members will create new skills and training opportunities that provide a boost to local economies. Education and vocational programs will deliver enhanced job prospects for generations to come.

The autonomous mobility sector will become an integral part of our daily lives, but only when government and academia join with the technology and manufacturing sectors to form an integrated, centralized ecosystem.

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