Sea fishing in Landskrona

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Sea fishing in Landskrona

The Öresund strait between Landskrona and the island of Ven is the best place in Sweden for sea fishing. You can catch cod with a rod here, which is not possible in the Baltic Sea or on the West Coast.

Sea fishing in Öresund is not just an activity for seasoned recreational anglers but also for families with children and groups of friends who are fishing for the first time. Fishing trips from Landskrona are arranged all year round, on board spacious fishing boats to Sweden’s best sea fishing in the deep waters between Landskrona and Ven.

Jig fishing in deep water where you can catch cod, herring and mackerel is popular all year round. In the autumn, you can mainly catch cod, which have moved into shallower waters in search of food.
The autumn is also high season for flatfish, and this is when bottom fishing events are arranged, which is a relatively simple fishing method that is not as physically demanding. The flatfish most frequently caught are turbot, plaice, European flounder and common dab.

In the winter, the big cod gather on the seabed in Öresund, making for some exhilarating fishing. Cod can weigh up to between 10 and 20 kilos at this time of year, so fishing requires physical strength and knowledge. The fishing boats are always manned by experienced, knowledgeable staff, who are there to ensure that your fishing adventure is a success.

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