Hiking in Landskrona and on Ven

Landskrona has 23 kilometres of scenic footpath along the coast, past magnificent nature reserves and through urban areas connected to Helsingborg in the north and Kävlinge in the south. You can follow the signs from the Skåneleden trail that show you the way. Along the trail, there are also several shorter walking trails of various lengths and accessibility. You can walk along the Skåneleden trail on Ven, too.

Hike the Skåneleden trail

Hike along the 23 km long Skåneleden trail, which takes you through our historic town centre and on through the rolling hills of Hilleshög, which offer fantastic outdoor experiences and views of Öresund and the island of Ven. Along the trail, you will pass several good places to swim, and when hunger strikes, we recommend a stop at Restaurant Pumphuset, Erikstorps Kungsgård, Ålabodarnas harbour inn or Örenäs castle.

The scenic island of Ven also offers hiking along the Skåneleden trail. The Ven runt (“All around Ven”) hiking trail is 12 km long.

Skåneleden north

The trail to the north takes you along one of Skåne’s most scenic stretches of coast, with lovely views of Öresund. You walk through genuine fishing villages, hike up the coastal slopes and spot the traces of the intensive brick industry that once characterised the coast. The trail connects to the train stations in Glumslöv and Landskrona.

Skåneleden south

The trail to the south extends through varied environments, from Landskrona town centre to Järavallen nature reserve in Kävlinge. At the far end of the trail lie both the village of Häljarp and the Saxtorp forest, as well as the winding Saxån river and rich sandy fields. The trail connects to the train stations in Landskrona and Häljarp.

Ven runt (“All around Ven”)

Situated between Sweden and Denmark is the island of Ven. Here, you get to enjoy the peace and fresh air, as well as beautiful greenery and wonderful views. The circumference of the island is 11.7 km, making it great for a day trip.
The dramatic, grassy slopes, better known as Backafallen, lift Ven out of the sea, giving the island the peculiar shape of a plateau. The magnificent view of the Swedish and Danish coasts extends all the way to the Öresund Bridge. Most of the coastline on Ven is a nature reserve.


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Photo: Lisa Wikstrand, Oskar Fäldt

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