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Slottsparken (Castle park)

The main feature of Slottsparken is its large, old trees. Here, you’re surrounded by 100-year-old oaks, maples, copper beeches, chestnuts and more. A lime alley extends along the Citadel’s moat towards the beach promenade.
In Slottsparken, there are many rarities such as the Gingko tree, which is easily recognisable due to its fan-shaped leaves. The dawn redwood is one of the oldest trees on Earth and has grown here for 200 million years. The wild service tree is an unusual tree with deep, pointed leaves.


Stadsparken (town park)

The park features large trees and open glades. Laid out in 1869, Stadsparken is the oldest of Landskrona’s central parks. This was once the site of the Church of St. John the Baptist, which was as large as Lund Cathedral. The church’s foundations are marked.
In the middle of the park stands a stately scarlet oak. The leaves have more pointed ends than the common oak tree, and the acorns are flattened. A sugar maple stands tall just north of the oak. The sap from this tree is used to make maple syrup. Along the path in a north-easterly direction, the shrub roses bloom in white, yellow and orange.

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