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Food and drink

The fields on Ven billow with rapeseed and durum wheat. The climate and soil are perfect for the production of both rapeseed oil and whiskey.

The island offers restaurants for those wishing to indulge in an out-of-the-ordinary dining experience, and cosy cafés where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. And be sure to sample “Hvenglassen”, ice cream sold at Bäckviken harbour.

Restaurants and cafés

Agnes Tapas, restaurant, address: Bäckvikens harbour
+46 (0)418-724 60

Café Tycho Brahe, address: Landsvägen 
+46 (0)761-62 45 20, cafetychobrahe.se

Fiskboden, restaurant, address: Kyrkbackens harbour
+46 (0)418-722 20

Hamnkiosken, Icecream, address: Bäckviken harbour
+46 (0)707-52 31 28

House of Ven, restaurant, address: Landsvägen
+46(0)418-721 26, houseofven.com

Hvendurum, bakery, address: Landsvägen
+46 (0)418-724 48

Kiosken i Kyrkbacken, café, address: Kyrkbacken harbour
+46 (0)418-720 82

Mitt på Hven, restaurant, address: Landsvägen
+46 (0)734-32 34, mittpahven.se

Pausa hos oss på Ven, restaurant, address: Kyrkbacken harbour
+46 (0)731-56 02 06, pausahososs.se

Pumpans café & restaurang, restaurant, address: Landsvägen
+46 (0)723-62 18 70, pumpans.com

S:t Ibbs Golfklubb, restaurant, address: Marielundsvägen
+46 (0)418-723 63, stibb.se

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn, destillery and restaurant, address: Norreborgsvägen
+46 (0)418-44 99 99, hven.com

Strandkrogen, CampVen, restaurant, address: Husvik
+46 (0)418-725 50, campven.com

Tuna krog, restaurant, address: Landsvägen
+46 (0)418-720 19, tunakrog.se

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