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Fancy some architecture?

Landskrona boasts fascinating architecture from different eras. Among its gems are Citadel swimming baths, designed by Gert Wingårdh and Landskrona sports hall, designed by the great Danish architect Arne Jacobsen.

Landskrona Konsthall (Art Gallery)

The Landskrona Art Gallery is one of the most beautiful in all of Scania, and a perennial favourite of exhibitors. With its tall window walls and concrete architectural idiom the art gallery blends with the surrounding Citadel park, while still maintaining its distinct design. The simple lines of the gallery accentuate and highlight the art on display, while the light plays with the observer’s eye.

The Landskrona Art Gallery was built in 1963 for the 550 year anniversary of the Landskrona royal (Danish) city charter as an exhibition gallery for industrial design. Designed by architects Sten Samuelsson and Fritz Jaenecke the gallery building is the only remaining structure from the anniversary celebration.
A sculptural glass relief by Erik Höglund decorates the southwest wall of the gallery.
And, right in the middle of the gallery an atrium garden has been made into a Japanese exhibition garden created by Ulla Mohlin in 1989.

The art gallery building also has a café that still has its original interior décor from the inauguration in 1963.
Outside the art gallery you can wander through the Citadel Sculpture Park to view 20 works by 19 artists.


Landskrona sports hall

Landskrona sports hall
The sports hall was designed by prominent architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. One of his last projects, it was inaugurated in 1965. It is a purely modernist building that is simple in appearance with large glass facades and a protruding roof of sheet metal coffers. The arena is submerged in the ground and holds 1,100 seats.


Town hall

The main building of the town hall has a T-shaped body comprised of six floors. The facades are of gold-anodised aluminium with gold-glazed windows. The building was designed by Sten Samulesson and Inge Stoltz in 1976.


Pumphuset cultural centre

Pumphuset cultural centre, located at Borstahusen harbour, not only houses an art gallery but also a museum and a restaurant. The building consists partly of the original brick-built pump house, a neo-Renaissance building erected in 1883 to house a motor-driven sea water pump for washing sugar beet. In the early 2000s, the old building was restored with the addition of an extension designed by architect Per Dockson.


Citadel swimming baths

The swimming baths were designed by nationally and internationally renowned architect Gert Wingård in 2006. The swimming baths are stylish and simple in shape and have fine embellishments that enhance the impression of water. The colours turquoise and blue are repeated in several places.


Two pepople are swimming in a pool

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