Guided tours

Guided tours

Tycho’s Life and Living

Join us on the tour that gives an overall view of Tycho Brahe. We deal with his curiosity and science and study recovered instruments, as well as some original objects in the exhibition. By visiting the sites of his castle and observatory, Uraniborg and Stjärneborg, as well as the surrounding Renaissance Garden, we get a broad picture of Tycho Brahe.
Duration: 60 min
Price: 950 SEK / tour + admittance 60 SEK / pp

A journey to the garden ideal of the Renaissance

Together with a guide and the museum’s gardener, we learn walk through the reconstructed Renaissance garden containing 200 of the famous garden plants of the 16th century. The idea of the garden was that it would reflect the Garden of Eden.
Time: 60 min
Price: 700 SEK / tour + admittance 60 SEK / pp 

A deeper look into Tycho’s Life and Living

A tour for you who want to know more. We take a deep dive into Tycho Brahe’s pioneering research work and a closer look at his work and instruments. How did Tycho’s impressive steel quadrant work and who designed it? We go into detail and present discoveries that during the 16th century made Ven an international destination and eventually a new way to view the world.
Duration: 60 min
Price: 1400 SEK / tour + 60 SEK / pp

Tycho and Ven by bike

Join us for an inspiring tour around the island’s beautiful spots and cultural and historical sites. Along the coastal path, we see the famous Backafallen, with magnificent view of Öresund. Do you wish to visit Nämndemansgården and St. Ibb’s medieval Church etc. – let’s plan this together!
The guiding also includes a visit to the Tycho Brahe museum.
The guide can meet at any place.
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 3600 SEK + 60 SEK/participant (max 20 people/guide). Entrance fees to other destinations than the Tycho Brahe museum is not included.

A guided tour at the Tycho Brahe museum

Photo: Nicklas Lundblad, Mickael Tannus

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