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To do on Ven

The easiest way see the sights is by bike. Pleasant cycle paths take you past picturesque harbours and stunning viewpoints. If cycling isn’t your thing, there are other means of transport.

The artists of Ven

The light over Ven is said to be unique, attracting many artists and potters to the island. Visit their studios and workshops and meet sculptors and silversmiths along the way.

S:t Ibb medival church

This medieval church named Saint Ibbs is from the 1200s when it was built without a steeple on an immensely beautiful site on Ven. The church was used by astronomer Tycho Brahe where you can still see the pew he used, and the altar piece was painted by the Tycho Brahe’s court artisan, Tobias Gemperlin. Free guided tours for groups of any size can be booked.

The Tycho Brahe museum

The Tycho Brahe Museum lies in the middle of Ven, housed in the decertified Allhelgonakyrkan (All Saints Church). The museum tells the story of astronomer Tycho Brahe’s life and scientific achievements using archaeological finds, film, models and multimedia.

The site also contains the remains of Brahe’s underground observatory he named Stjärneborg (Star Castle) and a renaissance garden. Guided tours can be booked for groups throughout the year. There are also public guided tours during high season.

Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn, disillery

The Backafallsbyn conference centre you can enjoy whiskey distilled on-site at one of Sweden’s prime whisky bars. The distillery is world unique, probably the smallest family owned Pot Still distillery, where everything from mashing to fermentation, distillation and oak barrel storage and bottling is done under the same roof.  The distillery has a visitors centre with shop, guided tours and whiskey lessons.

Nämndemansgården, Hvens hembygdsgård

The Nämndemansgården (the tax assessor’s residence), which was known earlier as Karhojagården is a genuine four-sided farmstead from the 1790s with it own willow tree alley. The farm is now the local historical society museum and was listed as a heritage site in 1976. Feel free to enjoy your on picnic in the well-trimmed garden, which is cultivated bio-dynamically.

Experience a different hike – alpaca trekking

Hvenalpacka webbpage

A alpacka is eating leavf from a tree

Photo: Mickael Tannus and Oskar Fäldt

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